Concerned About Your Aequitas Investment?

Aequitas Concerns

Investors reading recent news about Aequitas Capital Management, Inc,. and Aequitas Investment Management, LLC are rightfully concerned. Recent reports reveal dramatic layoffs and trouble with its for-profit college partner, Corinithian. Articles expose cash flow issues, sudden layoffs, and a failure to repay investors on schedule. Mr. Banks, a securities attorney with Samules Yoelin Kantor LLP, has been speaking with investors since 2011. If you are an Aqueitas investor, Bob Banks will provide a free and confidential review of whether claims might exist based on your investments and whether you have a right to recover your loss.

The Portland Business Journal has reported trouble with Aequitas several times in the last few years. First, in early 2013 when a lawsuit was filed by American Student Financial Group in southern California. And then again in July of 2013 when more details emerged about their association with troubled student loans was revealed. Another article was published in June, 2014 when a judge ordered $2.5 million to be set aside ahead of trial. Our office started an early investigation which we announced on our our blog. It is interesting to note that former Aequitas employees mention poor fiscal management in their public reviews as well.

Bob Banks leads the Investor Defenders practice group at Samuels Yoelin Kantor, LLP. Please review his extensive credentials and experience and contact him directly by phone at  800.647.8013 or by email at

We always encourage concerned investors to contact the North American Securities Administrators Association Nation (NASAA) or the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)  However, while filing a complaint with these agencies is helpful for future investors, it is not likely to result in any loss recovery for you, and it does not stop the applicable statutes of limitation from running. Those time periods do not stop running until a lawsuit or FINRA arbitration claim is filed.


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