What is going to happen to my Aequitas investment?

At this point, nobody can say with certainty what will happen to Aequitas

No one knows the answer to that question with certainty. Dividend payments have been suspended. Aequitas is reporting that it has hired a restructuring company to evaluate the situation. To me, that means that Aequitas is considering an orderly liquidation of the company and its assets. Given the recent mass layoffs, the suspension of dividends, the SEC investigation, and the way that the notes were reportedly marketed and sold, my best guess is that Aequitas will end up either in a bankruptcy or some court-supervised liquidation. Hopefully, that will result in a return of at least some of the principal back to investors, but that will depend upon a number of factors, including what assets are available after paying the costs of the liquidation, the number of creditors who may have to be paid before investors, and the number and amount of investor claims out there.

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