Aequitas Lawsuits – how to choose

If I choose to be in and Aequitas lawsuit, which one should I choose?

The good news is that all of the lawyers and law firms who have been reported by the press as representing Aequitas investors are excellent law firms. Based on what we have heard, there are two basic approaches that law firms are taking.

1.  Some investors were referred to their lawyers by the same investment advisors that sold them their Aequitas investments.Those law firms will probably not be able to bring claims against the investment advisors who referred the clients to them. They may have some advantage in that they will be representing large numbers of investors in claims against Aequitas officers and directors, accountants and lawyers that may have participated in the sale of the Aequitas investments. The disadvantage to being part of these cases is that investors who sign up with these law firms will likely be prevented from bringing claims against financial advisors who may have sold the Aequitas notes by misrepresenting the risks and characteristics of the notes that they sold.

2. Our firm has taken a different approach. 

We are evaluating two avenues of recovery for our clients. FIRST, we will be filing claims against the investment advisors that sold Aequitas products to our clients. We will not make any agreements with any investment advisors who sold Aequitas, because we intend to bring claims against investment advisors who breached their fiduciary duties to their clients in selling Aequitas. Not every investor has such a claim. But, investors who were told by their investment advisors that these were safe investments, those who were solicited to make their purchases recently, and those who invested an unsuitable percentage of their retirement money in Aequitas and other “alternative investments” have strong claims against their advisors that ought to be evaluated. Many of those claims will be prosecuted in arbitration (instead of court) because of a provision in the investment advisory agreements. Our firm is limiting the number of clients we can accept against any one investment advisory firm, but we are reviewing claims against several different advisors in a number of states. SECOND, we also intend to pursue additional claims in court for our clients in court against other defendants who participated, aided and controlled the persons who sold the Aequitas investments. This may include officers and directors of Aequitas, its accountants, lawyers, and companies that were involved in the management of client funds held at investment advisory firms that had a connection to Aequitas.

Samuels Yoelin Kantor securities attorneys Robert Banks and Darlene Pasiczny are heading up the Aequitas investigation. Mr. Banks recently updated concerned investors with information regarding their choices for pursuing recovery. Please contact our office to discuss your situation confidentially. You can call 800-647-8130 or reach us by email or

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