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Banks noted as key face in the Aequitas Drama

Portland Business Journal touts Samuels Yoelin Kantor securities attorney Robert Banks as key face in Aequitas Drama

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Aequitas investment advisory firms and portfolio managers

The following Aequitas advisory firms and portfolio managers are of interest to us regarding their sale of Aequitas notes and funds:

Private Advisory Group

Strategic Capital Group

Summit Advisor Solutions

Fieldstone Financial Concert

Integrity Bank and Trust

GPS Capital Management

CLA Wealth Advisors


Innovator Management, LLC

Chris Bean

Tom Szabo

Tony Ramirez

Mark McArthur

Bill Malloy

Larry Dozier

Craig Johnsen

Eric Willer

Samuels Yoelin Kantor securities attorneys Robert Banks and Darlene Pasiczny are heading up the Aequitas investigation. Mr. Banks recently updated concerned investors with information regarding their choices for pursuing recovery. Please contact our office to discuss your situation confidentially. You can call 800-647-8130 or reach us by email at bbanks@samuelslaw.com or info@investordefenders.com


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